Old Houses sees Ethan and Elizabeth going across America to track down the best old homes that come at moderate costs. Several visits the homes and analyzes the design, structures, and different subtleties. Giving the watchers an itemized visit through the old homes, they likewise dive into their set of experiences. The homes highlighted on both their Instagram page and the HGTV shows convey rich history. Watchers will get familiar with the different building subtleties a well as the chronicled foundation of the houses. Several picks the houses that they survey and visit and post them on their IG page.

Their page began with the perception that there were a ton of old homes on the lookout for a take. The uniqueness of their project picks is that they’re the most authentic. The authority site for Cheap Old Houses cases of discovering the houses with the most unique person left unblemished. Ethan and Elizabeth cross through various territories and topographies to track down the most elite old engineering houses. Going in a blue vintage truck, two or three scours the online postings and exhibits the best takes and arrangements.

What’s Cheap Old Houses About?

Following the achievement of their Instagram page, HGTV got Ethan and Elizabeth’s web-based media series for a TV variation. The 10-scene series takes motivation from the couple’s Instagram feed. Their page has, after some time, acquired colossal notoriety and perspectives. The IG page of a similar name as the TV show gets a great many impacts on the different pictures. Their curation incorporates structurally flawless old homes that go under $150,000. This extraordinary and engaging idea draws in a huge crowd that ultimately turned into the justification the TV show. The HGTV show repeats the organization of the page and sees an assortment of old houses that two or three visits. Ethan and Elizabeth go through a few old projects and audit them. Subsequent to giving the crowd a visit and checking on each home, they select those they’d highlight on their IG page.

Cheap Old Houses Filming Locations

One of the two essential areas where the recording of Cheap Old Houses happens is Illinois. Peoria is an area in focal Illinois from whence hail three charming bits of old design takes. The series highlights three 100-year-old houses from this area, each containing a decent measure of verifiable design style and building. Aside from Peoria, the couple likewise visits properties in Richmond, Paxton, and Towanda.


The following one on the program of recording areas of HGTV’s Cheap Old Houses is New York State. Ethan and Elizabeth visit a ton of old houses in the state, with the Victorian old place of the 1900s in Amsterdam. They additionally travel to Greenwich Village, nearby New York City. There they visit the old school building that has been fastidiously reestablished. The couple additionally visits a gigantic 1850s home with a 1950s vibe in Fort Plain. The shooting for Cheap Old Houses likewise happens in Gasport in Niagara County. Upstate New York is likewise one of the ideal places where the group shot some significant scenes. Several visits two modest old houses in Upstate New York that cost simply more than $100,00.

New York State

Modest Old Houses likewise covers Charlotte in North Carolina. A few goes to Rich Square, Northampton County, to visit a property. Moving from southeast America to additional down south, the couple goes to Houston, Texas. The city is loaded with old nineteenth century design and different milestone locales. Going towards the Northeast, the shooting additionally happens in Pennsylvanian urban communities Monessen and New Geneva. A few of the old houses we see on the show are from this area.

North Carolina, Texas, and Pennsylvania

Washington houses a great deal of old design. Likewise, is that design additionally accompanies chronicled importance. It’s nothing unexpected there would be some truly old, enduring homes from 100s of years prior. Modest Old Houses completed the process of shooting for certain areas in Washington for season 1. Another area that the show has recorded in for this season is Ohio. A portion of the recording has been done in Clarington, Ohio.


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