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The Episode begins with Ayush dropping Neha, Shalu, Bani and Rano to their home. Bani says thanks to him. He says no issue. Rano requests that Bani get vegetable from the market. Neha grins taking a gander at him. He thinks in the event that she will confess Rishi’s bhai mystery to anybody. Neha thinks in case I am excessively delightful such that he was unable to keep his eyes off her. Neha gets down and goes.

Shalu is sitting in the vehicle still. He says your station/home has come. Shalu asks him not to act mischievously? He says he is simply telling that her home came. Rano requests that Neha call Ayush inside and trap him. She requests that she have an effect on him. Neha says I won’t make tea. Rano says I will make everything, you simply make him yours. Neha comes out and requests that Ayush come and have tea.

Neha says he doesn’t have time, need to go to office. Ayush says he has time and gets down. Shalu inquires as to for what reason would you say you are coming? Ayush says for you, I will would what I like to. Neha’s companion checks out him and grins. Rano makes Ayush to sit and says our house is little, however heart is enormous. She requests that Shalu make tea and furthermore bring rolls. Malishka converses with Sumit (driver) and requests that he return, as she will remain here around evening time. Rishi comes there and says you caught me. He says Lakshmi has a deep understanding of shock supper date. Malishka asks how could she know? Rishi says it isn’t significant. Sonia requests that he rest in her room. He says I can’t lie. Malishka requests that she go to supper then, at that point.

He says alone. Sonia says I can go to your room and save you. Rishi says no, tells that Lakshmi accomplishes such a great deal for me, she is generally excellent, she really focuses on me, I can design this supper for her, I can oversee. He goes. Malishka says I simply love it. Sonia asks would you say you are not terrified? Malishka says he got hitched to Lakshmi on my demand and says he won’t ever adore Lakshmi.

Rano inquires as to whether he works with Rishi. Ayush says yes. Rano inquires as to whether he gets compensation. He says we are accomplices so share the benefit. He says he is parched. Rano requests that Bani bring water. He says he will get it himself. He goes to kitchen. Rano asks Bani not to grin.

Rishi thinks in case he is frightened of Lakshmi, there is ungainliness and thinks something occurs, however I would prefer not to feel anything. I simply love Malishka and arranging this flame light supper on her platitudes. Rishi calls Servant and requests that he enhance his space for flame light supper. Worker requests around evening time. Rishi says indeed, for what reason would you say you are feeling timid? He asks will you do? Worker says yes. Karishma hears them.

Shalu inquires as to for what reason did you come here? Ayush says it is my life and my choices and I will choose. Shalu says you will say thanks to me for saving you from young ladies. He says he enjoys young ladies and their being a tease. She inquires as to whether he is characterless and says she won’t help him. She says you are hero and deals with Di. Ayush asks do you cherish me? She says no. Ayush inquires as to for what reason would you say you are dazzling me then, at that point? He says grapes are unpleasant. He prods her and goes.

Karishma inquires as to whether he will do candle light supper with Lakshmi. Rishi says I need to, Shalu advised her unintentionally. Karishma inquires as to whether somebody kept weapon on your head. Rishi says the matter is about Lakshmi’s sentiments, she may be expecting that I have arranged shock supper for her. He says assuming I don’t design this astonishment, she will feel terrible and it will not be acceptable.

He says as is Lakshmi, how we pondered her and says sorry I was unable to make you comprehend. Karishma requests that he say. Rishi says she is an extremely certified young lady, with heart and aim. She has adoring conduct and caring nature, she cherishes everybody a great deal and made them hers. She says whatever she has accomplished for me, it’s not possible for anyone to do. He says I will do this for her bliss, I will deal with her joy. He says I love Malishka a ton, yet that doesn’t imply that I will swindle Lakshmi or manipulate or ditch her. He says I love Malishka before my marriage, and I needed to inform Lakshmi concerning this, yet mother and you didn’t allow me to do this.

He says Lakshmi is exceptionally quite an unadulterated soul, at whatever point I am with her, I feel disturbed on me. He says I have fouled up with her, however she generally contemplates me. He says this is truth. Karishma says this is the explanation that you began enjoying Lakshmi. Rishi says that is the reason I told that I was unable to cause you to comprehend and goes. Karishma says I comprehended that you began preferring her and you didn’t understand this.

Rishi sees Lakshmi planting tulsi plant in the pot. He goes to her. Ehsaas tune plays… ..Lakshmi grins and signs him to give water. He makes her clean up. She keeps the pot and expresses gratitude toward Rishi. Rishi asks what was the deal? Lakshmi says you are becoming like me. Rishi asks your meaning could be a little clearer. She says already I used to gesture my head and you are likewise doing likewise.

She says I gesture my head to say yes and says your gesture implies alright. She says you talks less now a days. Rishi says he has pressure. Lakshmi requests that he determine what is the pressure, says there will be no mysteries between us. Rishi says I did awful with somebody. Lakshmi says now you are feeling awful and requests that he apologize to that individual, in the event that he truly would not joke about this. Rishi asks will you pardon me? Lakshmi inquires as to why?

Shalu carries tea and provides for Ayush. She then, at that point, stamps on his feet. He yells. Shalu asks did you get injured and yelling like young ladies. Rano admonishes Shalu for hitting him. Shalu says it occurred accidentally. Ayush says alright. He tastes it and says amazing. He says the tea is squander. Bani says it is acceptable, I will call Pinky to taste it. Ayush says its taste isn’t care for Lakshmi’s tea.

Shalu says you like her tea and says whatever she makes becomes scrumptious, she makes delicious food like Maa. Ayush says you have become genuine and says it is reallytasty, I will drink it on the double. He beverages and says Mummy, it was hot. Rano requests that he have bread rolls.

Rishi reviews Neelam asking him not to inform Lakshmi regarding his markesh dosh, and giving her swear. Lakshmi inquires as to for what reason are you saying ‘sorry’ to me. Rishi says I have done terrible with you, if it’s not too much trouble, pardon me. He says I avoid you and cause you to feel that I would prefer not to converse with you. Lakshmi says you are upset for this, and says I figured you don’t care for me.

She says I felt abnormal, as you was diverse after marriage, however your eyes tell everything. She says your eyes cause me to feel that you are mine, assuming you take a gander at me with affection, that adoration stays with me all the day. She says you can’t avoid me, remains nearer to me. She says on the off chance that you feel that something is absent from my side. Rishi says never and says it is from my side.

Lakshmi says never, I trust you more than myself. She gets enthusiastic and weepy eyes. Rishi signs her at her tears. Lakshmi says Shalu says that I will work in serials as I look great while crying. Rishi says you look great while grinning as well. Lakshmi grins. He says great, gestures his head and goes. Tujhme rab dikhta hai plays… … Lakshmi grins.

Precap: Rishi holds her hands and takes her to their room. Lakshmi says on the off chance that “the Rishi Oberoi” likes me a great deal I will feel glad, however it isn’t beneficial thing to occur as it breaks. Ahana and Devika watch them and grins. Malishka comes there and sees Rishi causing her to have the food with his food. She tosses the jar. Rishi and Lakshmi gets stunned. Later Malishka discloses to Rishi that she can’t impart his adoration to anybody, can’t share his consideration, never. She requests that he recall. Lakshmi comes there and is going to see Rishi and Malishka together.


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