Do Not Make These Mistakes On WhatsApp: Due to Coronavirus, people are locked in their homes. In such a situation, the role of social media has increased a lot in people’s lives. From personal to much professional work, people are doing it through social media. The use of messaging app WhatsApp has also increased a lot compared to before. But while using WhatsApp, it is very important for you to keep some things in mind. 

Do Not Make These Mistakes On WhatsApp

To keep your WhatsApp account safe, it is very important for you to follow some guidelines. Your little carelessness can put you in trouble. Many people deliberately forward the message on WhatsApp, while there are many who forward the message without seeing it. Such people may have to bear the consequences of this habit. Doing so can prove to be very dangerous for you. 

20 lakh accounts were banned

WhatsApp recently banned 20 lakh accounts under the new IT law rule. WhatsApp did this because users were sending fake messages from these accounts. Apart from this, messages promoting rumors or fraud were also being sent from some accounts. In such a situation, WhatsApp took action against them and banned it immediately. For misusing this platform, the company can also ban your account.  

Do not make these mistakes even by forgetting, may have to go to jail

WhatsApp works to ban accounts in two ways. The first temporary and second permanent, the meaning of the temporary ban is to warn the user. The temporary ban is lifted after some time. But this is not the case in the Temporary Ban. If a user stores child pornography on his device for sharing on WhatsApp, especially for commercial use, then he can be punished with 3 years imprisonment. Even in a serious crime like sharing videos inciting riots, the user may have to face the air of jail. 


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