Pegasus Scam: Lawmakers are skeptical about the Pegasus Commission: Lawmakers are skeptical about whether the Pegasus-based commission of inquiry will be able to eavesdrop on the phone. Former Supreme Court Justice Ashok Gangapadhyay and some senior lawyers think that the state government has no authority to form a commission on the issue. In fact, there is no state. Because the matter has happened at the international level. According to a senior state lawyer, “If anyone applies to the Calcutta High Court or the Supreme Court, there is a good chance that the commission will be dismissed.”

Pegasus Scam

Pegasus Scam

The media claimed that the phones of some Bengalis were also intercepted in the Pegasus case. Among them are Abhishek Banerjee, one of the Trinamool leaders and MP, and Prashant Kishore, a voter. There is also the name of a journalist from Kolkata. The commission has been formed under the leadership of two retired judges of the Supreme Court. Demanding grassroots leadership, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has given a ‘masterstroke’ by forming a commission.

Retired Supreme Court Justice Ashok Gangopadhyay, however, feels that the state has no authority to form the commission. He told Anandabazar Online on Monday, “The state government can form a commission on any issue in the state. Such as the Bantala-Kand or the Ekushey July shootings. But it is not! Article 31 of List One of the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of the country states that all means of communication, including the postal department, telephone, are under the control of the Central Government. If the commission calls those officers, why will they come? ” Justice Gangopadhyay further said, ” If necessary, the central government can also appeal against the commission to the Supreme Court. But he will not be needed. Officers will not come to testify in the commission.

Veteran lawyer Arunav Ghosh said, “What is the basis of this commission of inquiry? What is the commission of inquiry-based on a media report! Will they come to testify if the commission calls Pegasus? Will the Israeli government come to testify? The commission can be announced by anyone. But there will be something about its effectiveness or causation! ” Arunavar said, ” It has come out in the media, 300 people have eavesdropped on their phones. But did anyone say they were eavesdropping? What did the central government say? Then who will be called to testify? ”

Incidentally, there is disagreement within the grassroots about this judicial commission. Although no one is willing to comment publicly. However, a senior lawyer who is a benefactor of the Trinamool Congress said, “It is more a matter of the Central Home Office than telecommunication. Telecommunication can be a part of it. Maybe West Bengal is involved with this. But nothing can be done here without the help of the central government. In addition, it involves the international arena. It does not seem possible to set up a judicial commission of inquiry in one of India’s states to solve this mystery. ” Anyone can be harmed. But the investigation will be a crime. That did not happen in this country. Opposition parties, including the Trinamool Congress, have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. But that’s just a complaint! ”

The lawyers further claim that even if the idea of ​​politics can be made with the news published in the media, it is not acceptable in the eyes of the law. As a result, even if a commission of inquiry is formed on the basis of media reports, it does not seem to be working. The grassroots leadership, however, does not think so. They claim that Mamata was the first to send a message to the Modi-Shah duo by setting up a commission of inquiry into Pegasus. As a result, on the one hand, as the pressure on the Center has increased, the Chief Minister of Bengal has taken a few steps forward as the ‘face’ of Modi.


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