Letterkenny is a Canadian sitcom that has had a fruitful run of nine seasons up until now. The sitcom is set to return soon with the 10th portion as well as the 11th one. Jared Keeso is the maker of the show, who additionally fills in as the author and a cast part. Keeso and Jacob Tierney, the chief, have fundamentally composed and fostered the sitcom together. Aside from Keeso, the show additionally stars Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, and K. Trevor Wilson. The series had its beginning on YouTube as a web series, with the title, “Letterkenny Problems”. Need to be dispatched the web series as a TV series in March 2015. Making its presentation in February 2016, the series later proceeded to air on The Comedy Network also.


The cast incorporates Jared Keeso as Wayne and Michelle Mylett as his sister Katy. Nathan Dales assumes the part of Dary while K. Trevor Wilson plays Squirrely Dan. Dylan Playfair plays the personality of Riley and Andrew Herr plays Jonesy. Tyler Johnston plays the personality of Stewart in Letterkenny. After significant accomplishments with the sitcom and spin-off series underway, Letterkenny has returned for the new season(s).

What Is The Show About?

The show rotates around the inhabitants of an anecdotal country local area in Ontario called Letterkenny. At the focal point of the show is kin Wayne and Katy. They run a little ranch and produce stand. Wayne’s companions Daryl and Squirrely Dan help the kin with their work. The show’s principal center is likewise around ice hockey players Riley and Jonesy. The dearest companions are a piece of an on-and-off polyamorous relationship with Katy. We follow the humble community regular day-to-day existence of all the flighty Letterkenny occupants and their different undertakings. There is a varied blend of individuals and their erraticism that brings a sound portion of humor.

Every scene follows another storyline concerning the primary characters navigating through various sorts of individuals. Frequently, the narratives include Wayne safeguarding his “hardest person in Letterkenny” title. He additionally keeps endeavoring to separate Katy’s relationship with men he’s not attached to. We likewise follow the nearby hockey group at times. The strength of the hockey group is that it won’t ever win. In the mean time, the occupants are, in spite of the banality of humble community individuals, rather sharp and smart. It is a repetitive gag in the series where we see a sudden showcase of insight from the Letterkenny occupants.

Letterkenny Season 10 Release Date

There is no authority declaration with respect to the arrival of Letterkenny season 10. The recording for season 10 just as season 11 has effectively been finished. It’s simply an issue of altering and after creation. It can’t be said precisely what amount of time that stage will require for it to at last drop. In any case, with the pacing with which the creation has wrapped up, it appears it could drop before the current year’s over itself. In any case, we may likewise watch our #1 sitcom the following year.

Letterkenny Season 10 Production Details

Affirmation for Letterkenny season 10 and 11 returned September 2020. The shooting for these two impending seasons was at first set to begin in August 2020. Notwithstanding, Covid-19 limitations deferred the creation to well inside the following year. The shooting at last started in June 2021. Following that, we as of late connected with a portion of the main entertainers that the creation on seasons 10 and 11 has at long last wrapped up. This is a particularly decent piece of information for the fans who will get double the fun very soon. Taking to his Instagram, Tyler Johnston was the first to formally declare the creation wrap-up. Following that, Michelle Mylet additionally took to her Instagram and shared a picture from the sets.

She likewise uncovered to fans the intriguing information on shooting for two seasons without a moment’s delay. The entertainer additionally went to reveal more insight into the shooting status for Letterkenny seasons 10 and 11. She took to her Instagram stories to tell the fans that they’ve completed the process of shooting for 14 scenes altogether. This affirms that the following two portions of Letterkenny will run for 7 scenes each. The past two periods of the sitcom have additionally had 7 scenes each. Perceiving how the show confronted delays because of the pandemic, the wrapping of creation for the following two seasons is amazing. In spite of the fact that we actually don’t have the foggiest idea when Letterkenny season 10 will at last drop, fans are advertised to realize they’re getting two seasons.


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