Valeria Mazza On The Brutal Beating Of Her Son Tiziano


The model Valeria Mazza has once again thanked the signs of affection and the messages of encouragement for her son Tiziano Gravier, 20, after he had to undergo surgery after suffering a broken jaw, as a result of the beating he suffered at the coming out of a nightclub in Rosario (Argentina).

Valeria Mazza

On June 5, Tiziano, the second son of Valeria Mazza and Alejandro Gravier, was attacked at dawn by two strangers when he left a brother nightclub in the company of his brother Benicio. Tiziano was rebuked and brutally beaten by two other young people, aged 27 and 26, who have been arrested. Germán Pugnaloni, the family’s lawyer, revealed that before the attack they yelled at him “tincho”, a nickname that is used in a derogatory way in Argentina to describe upper-class youth.

Due to this brutal beating, the model’s son had to undergo two surgeries because he suffered a fracture and jaw displacement. In the first, doctors placed mini-titanium plates to correct the fracture, and in the second, a titanium plate was placed for a crack detected under a tooth.

Now, the Argentine model, after congratulating her husband and her father during the afternoon of the Sunday in which Father’s Day was celebrated in Argentina, took the opportunity to address her followers. Mazza posted a series of stories on her Instagram account in which she talks about her son’s difficult recovery and explains how her mood has been since the episode occurred.

“I want to thank you for all the messages, the calls, the prayers… We really feel very close to you. Because they were very ugly moments, of a lot of sadness, of a lot of anguish, of a lot of anger and impotence, ”she expresses.

“Tiziano is going to be fine, he is recovering slowly, with patience and a lot of effort on his part. It has been a huge emotional blow, for him, for Benicio who was also in the attack, and for us as a family. But hey, it’s a great challenge to accompany and go through this together, “continues the model.

“So I pray every day that this can’t happen anymore. Nevermore. Enough of violence, please, ”says Valeria Mazza in the video posted on social networks.

Valeria Mazza had already thanked the messages of encouragement from the Austral hospital, where her son was hospitalized. “Thank you for the messages, the prayers, the good vibes”, she had expressed to the model along with a photo in which she was seen with her son. “We feel very accompanied,” she had said.


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